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Silverware was founded in 1985 and began publishing software for the Apple Macintosh. Its first product in 1985 was MacAuto, an automotive logbook. In the years to follow, it released three very popular utilities for the Macintosh; FolderJump, FetchIt and KopyKat.

In August of 1994, Silverware was the first to release a contact manager/enhancement for the Apple Newton with MoreInfo. It pioneered such features as seamless integration of the Names, Dates and Notes applications. It was the first company to allow the sharing of data on the Newton when it added the ability to save to-dos to two 3rd party applications, Notion and NotePak.

In 1997, Silverware released version 5 of MoreInfo, which was to become the best selling version of the software. MoreInfo continues to be sold today to the very few remaining Newton users.

In 1998, Silverware released its first Palm application, TravelTracker.

On July 11, 2008, Silverware released its first product for the iPhone, TravelTracker.  On this day Apple opened the App Store.  At the time there was just several hundred apps available.  Inspired by the Palm OS version, the iPhone version was even more powerful and comprehensive than the popular Palm OS version.  TravelTracker is no longer available.

2023 was Silverware’s 15th anniversary on the Apple App Store.  The apps that it sells today are Flight Update Pro, XpenseTracker Pro, BizXpenseTracker Pro, MileTracker Pro and TimeTracker Pro.

Silverware prides itself it providing great products along with great customer service. We appreciate comments and feedback from all our customers.

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