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What is the difference between XpenseTracker and BizXpenseTracker ?

They are virtually the same application.  BizXpenseTracker includes both the OCR and Dropbox features whereas XpenseTracker offers these as $1 add-ons.  The only other difference is that BizXpenseTracker in addition to tracking expenses and mileage also allows you to track time worked.  XpenseTracker allows you to track expenses and mileage.

Why do you think Flight Update Pro IS better than the competitions ?

There are several reasons but the three key features are ease of use, presentation of information and breadth of features.  Flight Update Pro  is simply the easiest to use amongst its competition.  Each bit of user interface has been fine tuned to make your experience the very best.  With regards to presentation of data, Flight Update Pro has always displayed the information you need at your fingertips in the most pleasing way.  A great deal of work goes into placement of each piece of information.  As for breadth of features, Flight Update Pro has always been the first to bring you the MOST innovative features and continues to do so in its latest version.  Flight Update Pro was the first to bring you:

  1. Google Map display of flight

  2. Display of Layover information

  3. Tracking flights incoming to your gate

  4. Finding alternate flights

  5. Graphical progress bar of flight

  6. Airport Notes

I have a suggestion for an improvement, where should I direct my email ?

We welcome suggestions.  In fact, we thrive on them.  We understand our customers travel much more than we do and have vital input into making our products better. Email your suggestions to:    info@SilverwareSoftware.com