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Syncing between two Devices

  1. 1.Insure you are using the latest version of the app on both your devices.  If not, download the update.  You can check which version you are using by tapping the Prefs button inside of XpenseTracker, BizXpenseTracker, MileTracker or TimeTracker.  Compare that version with the one shown on the Apple App Store.  Remember, If you have the app on one device but not the other, simply “buy” the app on the other device.  You will NOT be charged again as long as you use the same iTunes account you did when you originally purchased the app.

  2. 2.You can use either Dropbox or iCloud to sync your data.  If you wish to use Dropbox and do not already have a Dropbox account, sign-up for a free account at www.dropbox.com and install Dropbox onto your desktop computer.  It is easy and free.  Be sure to remember your Dropbox credentials (username and password) as you will need them later.  Dropbox will serve as the intermediary when doing the sync.

  3. 3.Purchase the Device Sync add-on on both your devices.  If you use the same iTunes account, you will only be charged for the first time you buy the add-on.  Add-ons are treated the same as apps.  If you purchase them once, iTunes will remember this and allow you to “buy” them again as long as you use the same iTunes account.  The only exception is for “consumable” add-ons like those sold in games where you can “consume” those types of add-ons.  Silverware does not have any of these types of “consumable” add-ons.

  4. 4.Please go into the Prefs screen within our app on BOTH devices and then go to the section named “Sync Services.”  Then choose either “Dropbox” or “iCloud.”  If you do not have iCloud enabled on your device you will not be given that option.

  5. 5.The very first step is to move ALL of your application’s (XpenseTracker, BizXpenseTracker or MileTracker) data from one device to the other.  So you need to decide which device will be "GIVING" and which one will be "TAKING."  IMPORTANT:  Please be aware that the device taking from the other device will have ALL of its XpenseTracker (or BizXpenseTracker, MileTracker or TimeTracker) data overwritten.

  6. 6.Go to the device which will be “Giving” and select the Sync option from the Options menu within the Log view screen (the log view screen displays your list of logs).  You will be asked if this is your first sync, say yes.  Then choose the "GIVE" option.

  7. 7.Repeat step #5 on the other device but choose the "TAKE" option.  Remember that the device taking from the other device will have ALL of its data overwritten.  This is a one time step.

  8. 8.That completes the initial sync between the devices.  Now, you can make changes to either device whenever you wish.  Then, choose the Sync option as you wish.  When you choose the Sync option, it will do two things.  It will first post any changes to Dropbox (or iCloud).  Then, it will download any changes posted by the other device.

IMPORTANT:  If by chance you have already performed some of the steps and wish to start over, simply go into the app’s Prefs screen on BOTH devices and change the Sync Service preference to the other option and then hit the Save button to close and save the screen.  Then go back into the Prefs screen and change the preference to your desired option.  If Dropbox is the only option available, sign-out of Dropbox on BOTH devices and sign back in.   Doing this will then give you the opportunity to begin again.