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Exporting, Backing-up & Restoring

There are three ways to move information from our various apps to the desktop.  Let’s go over these ways.

Email - this is the simplest way.  Email allow you to send your reports (as in XpenseTracker and BizXpenseTracker) or send your itinerary (as in TravelTracker and Flight Update).

SyncDocs - This method is NO LONGER available in any of our apps.  If you had been using SyncDocs to send files to your desktop computer, this has now been replaced by a direct Wi–Fi method which ONLY requires the use of a web browser (no other software necessary).

Dropbox - This solution is offered in both XpenseTracker and BizXpenseTracker.  For those not familiar with Dropbox, it is a third party solution in which the user installs on their desktop computer the Dropbox utility and allows the sharing of files over any internet connection.  Both XpenseTracker and BizXpenseTracker allow you to export your reports as well as backup your data to your Dropbox.

Click Here for Dropbox HelpDropbox.html